Inspiration Concerning Earth Stewardship

Earth Ministry Inspiration Education & Literacy Participation

O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is Thy name in all the earth! (Psalm 8: 1 & 9)

AnneSince 2010 Montreat Presbyterian has, through the leadership of its Worship Committee, scheduled services with an Earth stewardship focus. On Easter Sunday 2012, for example, the sermon “Ecology of Resurrection” was delivered to an especially large audience by Dr. William Brown (pictured here, with an elder of MPC) of Columbia Theological Seminary. Meanwhile, as just one part of the congregation’s effort to reduce its “footprint” on the planet, we use floral arrangements that feature living plants or cut flowers from members’ homes and gardens.

In 2012 the Rev. Dr. D. Cameron Murchison, Jr. was appointed to serve as the church’s first Earth Stewardship Theologian, for which he volunteers his time. Besides teaching at MPC several classes on the Bible and its mandates and instruction for humanity’s care of Creation, Cam Murchison has delivered sermons on Earth care at churches in the area, and also led Sunday School classes at them. He has served the Presbytery of Western North Carolina by leading a workshop on environmental issues and biblical literacy for pastors and lay leaders. Please see the Earth Stewardship Theologian’s page.

Sources of information and links:

 PCUSA Environmental Ministries — Order free DVDs and download publications from here. Selected titles include:

  • Restoring Creation for Ecology and Justice.” A 15-minute DVD may be used alone or as a helpful companion piece to the “Restoring Creation for Ecology and Justice” study guide. Positive responses of faithful people are set amid scenes of the beauty of nature, contrasted with examples of environmental damage and social justice.
  • Cherishing God’s Creation.” This DVD and its study guide explore eco-justice issues in five parts:  Earth, Air, Water, Habitat and People.  It calls to a new lifestyle that is based on stewardship and compassion.

Presbyterians for Earth Care — A nationwide network, operating alongside the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and also in ecumenical circles, that cares for God’s Creation by connecting with God and others through biblical and theological reflection, study, and experiencing God in Creation; equipping members with new and effective tools and resources; and inspiring members through conferences on timely eco-justice issues and Creation-honoring worship. See their website.

Special announcement! The national conference of Presbyterians for Earth Care will be held in Montreat September 15-18, 2015. See website

Earth Covenant Ministry — A partnership of the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta (Georgia), whose mission is to inspire and equip Presbyterian churches throughout Metro Atlanta in the witness and practice of creation care. See their website.

Earth Ministry — A non-profit organization committed to engaging the Christian community in environmental stewardship, especially in the Pacific Northwest. It works in partnership with individuals and congregations to respond to this great moral challenge through education, individual and congregational lifestyle choices, and organizing for social change through environmental advocacy. The website is a rich source of information with sermons, Biblical references, readings and numerous stories on outreach.

Alliance of Religions and Conservation — A secular body that helps the major religions of the world to develop their own environmental programs, based on their own core teachings, beliefs and practices. For example, it presents statements about faith and ecology from 11 major religions of the world. See