The Jesse Tree Advent Devotional scriptures and ornaments provide an Advent activity for all ages. Many adults, as well as children, enjoying coloring the ornaments and hanging them on their Christmas trees. Some glue them on a cardboard backing with a stem for the hanger. The accompanying scriptures provide a schedule for personal or family devotions. Some enjoy looking up companion hymns in the hymnal, Glory to God

Although the first Sunday in Advent is December 3, the Jesse Tree starts on Monday, November 27.  Parents and grandparents, who use the Jesse Tree with young children, will enjoy reading stories from a children’s Bible Story Book or telling the story. The Stories designated with ** are found in My First Message: A Devotional Bible for Kids. As we anticipate the coming of the Christ child, let us turn out attention to how God comes in unexpected ways into our lives. The Jesse Tree is available from the Children’s Table in worship or can be downloaded here: DEVOTIONAL   |    ORNAMENTS