Who We Are

As a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) we are enriched by the Reformed Protestant tradition that for centuries has reached around the world in ministry, service and outreach in the name of Jesus Christ. We are led by a session of seven ruling elders, one session advisor and our moderator, the Rev. Keith Grogg.

The Reverend Keith Grogg

Ruling Elders
Clerk of Session:
Linda Hobson

Assistant Clerk:
Betsy Kirschner

Class of 2017:
Gill Campbell
Linda Hobson

Class of 2018:
Betsy Kirschner
Olson Huff

Class of 2019
Steve Hansel
Mary Jo Wright

Keith Grogg

Christian Education:
Marylyn Huff, Chair

Dora Hinkle, Coordinator

Grace Nichols, Coordinator

Anne Seaman, Co-chair
Jack Sadler, Co-chair

Congregational Care & Fellowship:
Susanne McCaskill, Chair

Evangelism & Membership:
Judy Shuford, Chair

Home Visitation Team:
Mary Nell Todd, Chair

Human Resources:
Lynn Gilliland, Staff Liaison

Mission & Outreach:
John Hinkle, Chair

Earth Ministry Subcommittee:
Sally Woodard, Convener

Anne Seaman, Co-chair
Steve Hansel, Co-chair

Stewardship & Finance:
Bill McCaskill, Chair

Worship & Music:
Betsy Kirschner, Chair

Women’s Circle:
Elizabeth Shaw